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Won't I Have To Go To Court?
No. There are many ways to achieve a settlement and get on with your life without going to court.  The court may sometimes be the best option but it certainly isn't the only one.  There is solicitor negotiation, mediation, collaborative law and arbitration which are all ways in which a settlement can be reached.   As your coach I will be able to work with you and your lawyer to find out which is the best option  for you and I will teach you techniques to enable you to have  clarity to make your own decisions.
Won't This Make It Even MORE Expensive?
Not necessarily.  Coaching can actually work out to cost you less. This is because my rate is lower than a solicitor.  You will therefore be able to spend time with me practising techniques to help you cope better and to work well with your solicitor so that you are emotionally ready to hear the advice and to use the services of your solicitor wisely.  This saves your and their time overall as you are better prepared.  They are there to advise you but it is a two-way process and there is work for you to do as well. They give realistic advice which may not always be to your liking. You and I will work together so that you can learn how to process that advice in a timely manner and move forward.
Why Don't I Just Need A Lawyer?
If you have reached a settlement and are able to communicate with your ex then you may not need a coach. However, divorce is a hugely emotional and bewildering process. You are being asked by your lawyer to make life-changing decisions when you feel confused, upset and heartbroken.  As you know it is always easier to make a decision when you feel calm and in control. A lawyer is an expensive resource and  it is important to remember that you are paying them for legal advice not for them to be a counsellor.  Lawyers need clear instructions. You may not feel able to give that. Coaching will enable you to see the 'wood for the trees' so that you can consider  the advice and give a clear instruction. 
I Get Really Nervous/Stressed About My Ex. Can You Help?
Yes, I will give you techniques to cope with your ex so that you can cope. Stress and anxiety can be heightened when you have to discuss the children or finances and you are dreading having to do this.  Coaching can enable you to feel more empowered by giving you clarity as to how you are going to be in control in this situation..  With role play and techniques I  can help you. 
I'm Worried About All The Paperwork, Can You Help?
The paperwork can cause you to feel overwhelmed. You may be worried about asking your lawyer and be concerned about escalating your costs by doing so.  I can help you go through the forms to break them down so that it becomes a manageable exercise.  You may have been handed a Forms E  (a 30-page form) in which you provide details of your finances and documentary evidence. You may not have had any role in the financial decisions in your home, or you may feel so overwhelmed by everything that this task feels like an insurmountable obstacle. Don't worry, I have helped with hundreds of 'Forms E's and whilst I will not give legal advice, I can assist you with it.
What Do I Do About The Children?
The right thing.   Your children look to you as their role model and they will see how you are coping and the actions you take.  You will have heard of children being used as 'pawns' in separations.  I can help you with techniques to discuss the children with  your ex if that is appropriate. I can help you to work out a strategy to tell the children about the separation. 

Meet Your Coach

Rebecca Bell

Rebecca has assisted people through the emotionally difficult process of divorce for over 21 years.

She has helped people through this process from the amicable ones (in which people have come to a mutual decision to separate and have agreed to their financial settlement) to the sad and emotional ones (where communication between the couple has become impossible).

You may be at either end of the spectrum or possibly somewhere in between.  Either way, Rebecca can help you.

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