Could Divorce Coaching be for you?

“I feel overwhelmed, out of power, can’t move forward, very small, betrayed and humiliated”.

Do any of these words or expressions resonate with you? Maybe one or two or even all of them.

These words have all been said on many occasions by my clients. I could go on.

These feelings, coupled with deep anxiety about the future, the legal process, and the costs, can eat away at you.  You may even end up unable to focus and feeling desperately sad.

When I was a solicitor, I would notice that many cases were similar with similar assets and the cases would be treated the same way, but I don’t work with cases, I work with People.   

I believe every person is different and needs to be heard.

How I work:

I listen without judgement and without making assumptions. I let you speak so that you know that you have been understood.  I come to our meetings without judgement or bias.

You may find that other people close to you start asking about what is happening in your life. You may not always want to retell the story over and over, nor feel that you need to justify your decisions.   Well-meaning people can sometimes put their own ‘spin’ on it and make observations based on their own experiences, and not yours.

This can sometimes be deeply unhelpful.  It’s ok not to take on their advice.  I create a safe space for you to talk freely and openly with someone who understands your situation deeply and can make this difficult process more affordable and more bearable.

Solicitors and the legal process:

Some of my clients don’t always understand what their solicitor has said to them. If this happens to you, you may not want to ask again because can be a fear that every question costs more money.

I was a solicitor for over 20 years and can help you ‘translate’ any legal jargon and explain the process and what to expect in ‘plain English’.

Your solicitor will be giving you the right legal advice, but sometimes it’s hard to take it all in when you are in meetings.  This can be because you might be in shock, traumatised by the process and/or conscious of costs. I can prepare you before the meetings with the right questions and expectations and may even be able to attend meetings with you.

The forms you will be given by your legal team might be overwhelming.   They may feel impossible to complete if your anxiety levels are high.  I once had a client whose job it is to fill in complicated forms yet were unable to face the ones from their solicitor.

Solicitors often allow clients to begin completing the forms themselves.  This is an attempt to save you costs, but the reality is the forms can feel too scary.   I can go through them with you and help you complete them ready for your solicitor.

One man once said to me “You cannot imagine how awful I feel when I look at this Form”.  This is a common feeling. I have had years of completing these forms and can help you to complete yours quickly and easily.

Your feelings:

‘There is life after divorce!’ one woman said to me as she flung her arms around me (we bumped into each other in a coffee shop – sometime after her divorce had been settled).

She is right.

There certainly is life both during and after divorce.  I can teach you techniques to help you cope during your divorce and help you plan a happy life after it.

This will help you to cope and focus on the divorce only when you need to, and not all of the time.

Rebecca was so helpful and supportive to me during my divorce. When times were tough I would call her about the obstacles I was facing and she made me feel at ease and offered supportive, sympathetic and constructive guidance which made me feel a lot better. I would highly recommend working with Rebecca.

Ms W

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Book your 30-minute mini-session. This is completely free and is not a sales call.  You will experience real coaching that will enable you to understand what benefits you can expect to see from working with me. 

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In my legal experience, people do move on.  They adapt and begin to face the future again but it can be a long and slow process. Coaching can help you to feel better quicker and speed up the process of recovery.

Not only do we use the techniques together but I can help you to see through the confusion.  I have had years of experience as a family lawyer and helping people through the process.

I can help you to work with your solicitor so that you are in a position to understand their advice and to give them clear instructions. This will clear the confusion and overwhelm. it can also help you to reduce your costs. Time is money and if you are clear in your instruction and are dealing with the overwhelm and feelings of ‘stuckness’ you can begin to move forward positively. It will empower you to deal with your ex as well so that you are in control.

my solicitor first mentioned divorce coaching to me I didn’t know what it was  and couldn’t see how it would help me. I decided to try it as I was going through a very difficult divorce with the added complication of contact issues for my children as both issues were going through the courts. I thought that it was worth finding out what coaching could offer me.

I found it extremely useful It was a safety blanket to me. I felt ‘ heard’ and supported. Rebecca listened to me without judgement and I was able to think things through  with her. The fact that she had been a solicitor for over 20 years helped too as she could explain the process to me and to help me to prepare myself mentally for my hearings.

There was one question she asked me which really made me sit and think about my case and the way it was going.  The question was pivotal and it made me rethink my legal strategy which in effect changed my case for the better. This gave me the confidence I needed to carry on.

Rebecca came to court with me. I represented myself She reminded me of certain facts that, in the moment I forgot because I was flustered. This gave me confidence to question the expert  witnesses and ultimately to get a good result and a detailed Order for my children which will help my ex-partner and I to parent our children despite our difficulties.

I would thoroughly recommend contacting Rebecca