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I would like to tell you a little bit about my background and why I came into divorce coaching in the hope that you will be able to glean some more information about why divorce coaching might be right for you.

I understand that when you are experiencing a distressing situation, such as a difficult divorce, you may become disengaged, confused or have something like brain fog.  When you are the one experiencing this, it can be difficult to recognise.  Once you do recognise it we can then take steps for you to overcome it and become stronger and less distressed as you go through the process.

In my practice, I deal with three different areas of the separation and divorce experience.


  • The Process: How things have to happen and the best way to do the practical things such as choosing a solicitor and paperwork/forms.
  • The Sessions: Where we meet and discuss your needs and the solutions and support I can provide for you.
  • Emotional Matters: This is a big one.  So many emotions are brought up during this difficult time and beyond.  I will help you to manage all your feelings as they come up and give you proven strategies for overcoming the overwhelm.
The process:
On one side there are the practical matters of which I have vast knowledge and experience.  I’ve spent 21 years as a solicitor in collaborative law helping people through their divorces and separations both amicably, in mediation and also through the court process.  I prefer the collaborative approach and built my own collaborative practice.   This approach is kinder to all parties involved and less stressful for the children.
Sometimes, however, you really do need to go to court.  I’m very efficient at helping you with the forms that you may have to fill in, the paperwork and the letters.
The Sessions:
I draw on my experience as a law lecturer and my degree in social policy.   I taught law at University (criminal law family law contract law for example) and I taught lawyers how to be lawyers.
I use this experience to help me with techniques to get points across to my clients and facilitate this learning process.  Most of the people I deal with will not have been through the divorce process before and sometimes it can feel like a very mysterious world!
I use a process where I tell you the things you need to know, I show you how to do it and then we practice.  The reason we do our practice in session is so that you can take control.  That way nothing is a nasty surprise when you’re doing it for real.
I plan all sessions in advance and I also evaluate afterwards what we have covered and whether we need to cover more.
Emotional Matters:
I am an empathic person  who is naturally very sensitive to other people’s emotions
I became passionate about helping people through separation and divorce at a very young age when my parents themselves divorced.  I remember the emotions that I went through as a child. Suddenly dealing with the feelings of being insecure and all the changes that happened to our living situation started my interest in making the process less distressing for the children (as well as for the adults). 
I’m a very intuitive person and I’ve always been drawn to helping others, not only in my working life, but I also volunteer on a ward in a hospice. 
I also draw on deeply personal traumatic experiences that I’ve had in my own private life to help me recognise what trauma and shock in other people looks and feels like.

One of the things I’m most proud of is the service doesn’t end with your divorce.  I will be there for you afterwards as you start to take your tentative first steps into your new life and the changes that that will bring.

“I have worked with Rebecca on numerous occasions and have always found her to be compassionate and insightful. I have had a number of clients specifically comment on Rebecca’s personable approach to matters and have always felt that she is particularly attuned to the emotional needs of any individual she works with. I would highly recommend Rebecca and would not hesitate to work with her again in the future.”

Sophie Gray


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